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About Us

The Benedict Insurance Agency provides insurance programs tailored to fit your individual needs, whether you're looking to insure your personal property or your business, 'we've got you covered' with a number of highly respected, top-rated insurance companies. Our long term relationships with our companies enable us to offer customers a wide variety of products at competitive prices. Our standards, like yours, are high and we believe it's just one of the many reasons we are successful.The History Behind the Benedict Insurance Agency, Inc.

The Agency history dates back to 1904 when the Agency was the insurance department of Wyman-Gregory Lumberyard, later known as Equity Lumber Company, representing USF & G and Sun Insurance Companies.

In 1919 Thane Durey started his career in the insurance operations of the Wyman-Gregory Lumberyard, and in 1926 became the secretary-treasurer of the Reserve Realty and Security Companies. In 1935, Mr. Durey purchased the insurance operations of both firms and established the Thane Durey Agency.

In 1941 the Thane Durey Agency combined forces with the Northern Ohio Insurance Agency which was owned by Fred Miller, forming the Durey & Miller Agency. Later that year, Earl W. Cruikshank joined with Thane Durey and formed the Durey & Cruikshank Agency. In 1948 Earl Cruikshank purchased Mr. Durey's interest and established the E.W. Cruikshank Agency.

In 1984, Dave Benedict purchased the Agency from Earl Cruikshank, who at the time was 83 years old. In 1991, Dave changed the name of the Agency to The Benedict Insurance Agency, Inc. and operates the same to the present.

The History Behind the Benedict Insurance Agency, Inc.