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HOMEOWNER PREMIUMS ON THE RISE When major storms strike, anywhere in the US, your insurance company uses insurance premiums to pay the claims to customers, like you, to help them recover. The more storms, the higher your premiums will go.

Catastrophic losses in the US in 2011 were at their worst since 2002 and analysts say 2012 should only see modest improvements. It has been reported that the insurance industry experienced more than $44 billion in catastrophic losses.

Ohio is the 6th LOWEST ranked state for homeowner premiums. However, according to Robert Hartwig, Chief Economist and President of the Insurance Information Institute, “We are in the midst of a very long-term trend. Whatever the underlying causes are, this is pushing up the cost of providing insurance in many parts of the country. Insurers have begun to reflect this in their rates.

To put it simply, a greater frequency and severity of storms create higher premiums, regardless of whether or not you have had a claim. Please contact our office if you have any questions or for suggestions on how to save premium without jeopardizing your coverages.

WHEN TO PURCHASE COMMERCIAL AUTO INSURANCE Having the right kind of auto insurance is important to insure you have the appropriate coverage in the event of a claim. Commercial auto insurance is similar to personal auto insurance and includes liability, medical payments, uninsured motorists and physical damage. However, the commercial auto policy is designed to specifically cover the loss that occurs when using the vehicle for your business.

Whether you use the vehicle for commercial purposes, large or small, it should be insured commercially. A vehicle that has commercial license plates requires commercial auto insurance. A vehicle used for activities such as visiting customers, driving to job sites or transporting equipment does not qualify for personal auto coverage. Some personal auto policies will extend coverage to include certain aspects of business driving, but this coverage is narrow and the majority of business owners are expected to acquire commercial coverage for vehicles used in business.

Commercial auto policies contain specialized coverage options appropriate for businesses. Non-owned auto coverage, an optional coverage, can even protect your exposure to loss by your employee’s use of a personal vehicle when used for company business, as well as provide coverage for vehicles not owned by the company when under company use. If you have any questions regarding your coverage, please ask us.

THE NATIONAL HIGHWAY TRAFFIC SAFETY ADMINISTRATION The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the country’s top auto safety agency. Their mission is to reduce crash-related injuries and fatalities and to insure the highest standards of safety on the nation’s roads.

The NHTSA oversees highway safety by making policies and setting safety standards. They track safety related recalls and investigate safety defects. The NHTSA can provide valuable information on recalls, equipment, child restraints and tires as well as providing crash test information on most automobiles.

For additional information or to arrange to have notifications sent to your email address, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website at http://www.nhtsa.com/.

IS YOUR PASSWORD SAFE FROM HACKERS? "A hacker with a fast computer can crack a four-number code in a tenth of a second. An eight-number code takes a bit longer to break, but still under two minutes. However, change that eight-number code to letters, numbers and punctuation marks, and a hacker will need 210 years. For a 12 character code like that, 17 million years. Of course, making a code hard to break makes it harder to remember, and you don't have 210 years to spare when you are trying to check your balance or log onto an internet account. One trick is to come up with a phrase you won't forget and use just the first letter of each word with punctuation and numbers sprinkled in." --- Kiplinger's


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